Motion of ‘No Confidence in Mayor Horatio Hendricks’ – updated 3/3/23

A motion of ‘No Confidence in the Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks,’ was submitted to Kouga Council in February this past month..
As a result of this “No Confidence Motion’ a special Council Meeting was arranged for today, 3 March, it was announced yesterday. But later yesterday it was announced today’s meeting was cancelled and postponed to a later date this month, apparently because insufficient time was given for the meeting to be held today and the municipality had delayed in passing the ”No Confidence Motion’ onto the Speaker.
The motion is submitted by councilor Vuyani Zana and seconded by councillor Bazil Human. It was tabled ‘in terms of rule 29 of the Standing Rules and Orders, the African National Congress’ and was sent to: Executive Mayor, Executive Deputy Mayor Speaker, all councillors, the municipal manager, all directors, relevant managers, and committee services.
The motion of no confidence provides the following background and reasons for the motion:
Background: In terms of the Municipal Systems Act the Executive Mayor has a responsibility to ensure smooth running of the institution That he took an Oath to abide, honour, adhere, defend, and respect the Constitution of the Republic and all Acts and Regulations governing Local Government. Equally, that he will adhere and respect the Code of Conduct of Councillors as well as the Standing Rules of Order of Council.
“ Below is the list of transgressions committed by the Executive Mayor which contrast with the above-mentioned documents:

  1. Nepotism:
    That the Executive Mayor has always been consistent in ensuring that his daughter excels in the ranks of Kouga Local Municipality.
    1.1 That during Covid-19 his daughter benefitted as a volunteer because of this there was an outcry across Kouga.
    1.2 That his daughter was appointed as a Ward Assistant of Ward 12 while residing in Ward 15 this move was in questionable as the Advert was explicit that ‘The Applicant Must Be A Resident In The Ward Where The Position Is’ this was contrary to the advert.
    1.3 That a position Auxiliary Officer was advertised with clear requirements inter alia.
    That the applicant must have two (2) years’ experience in local government in the case of the Executive Mayor’s daughter she doesn’t have such and does not meet the set requirement.
    1.4. I’m of the view that the Executive Mayor had a direct influence for the appointment of his daughter as a qualifying incumbent was not even considered as she only had advantage over the daughter of the Executive Mayor
  2. Interferences:
    2.1 During December 2022, the Executive Mayor went to the Traffic Department in Humansdorp and demanded his daughter be allowed to write Learners License without prior appointment for such.
    2.2 When the officials refused to accede to the demand by the Executive Mayor, it is alleged that he threatened to dismiss the officials in question.
    2.3 Its confirmed that ultimately his daughter set for the Learners License Test but failed.
    2.4 That video footage and or recordings can be accessed on this transgression by the Executive Mayor.
    The conduct of the Executive Mayor is a direct interference and is in direct contravention of Section 12 of the Code of Conduct for Councillors. His conduct equally constitutes abuse of power and position by the Executive Mayor
  3. Decisions Without A Council Resolution:
    3.1 That the Executive Mayor unilaterally embarked on negotiation for a monetary settlement with former Director Corporate & Digital Services without a council resolution.
    3.2 That it be noted when asked in a council meeting to reveal the amount of the settlement on record the Executive Mayor refused to give detail sighting a so-called confidentiality clause.
    3.3 That it be noted the Executive Mayor had no mandate nor powers to negotiate on behalf of council.
    3.4 That it be noted council is the employing body and the Executive Mayor does not have rights to withhold or hide information from council.
    The above transgressions committed by the Executive Mayor Cllr Horatio Hendricks are a direct violation of both the Standing Rules of Order of Council and the Code of Conduct for Councillors. His actions are equivalent to bringing the municipality into disrepute.
    Due to the above reflection, I table this motion of ‘No Confidence’ against the Executive Mayor Councillor Horatio Hendricks Speaker, because of the urgency of the issue, I herewith request you to call a Special Council meeting to address this motion.
    A special meeting has now been arranged for 14 March.

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