NSRI Storms River rescues British tourist

Edited by Bev Mortimer

A UK tourist, who was injured in a fall while on the Otter Trail at Tsitsikamma National Park.
was rescued by NSRI volunteer duty crew yesterday afternoon.

Lodewyk van Rensburg, station commander for NSRI Oyster Bay and NSRI Storms River, said the incident happened when the woman sustained injuries while hiking at the waterfall, west of Storms River Mouth at around 1 pm.
The lady apparently slipped while walking with her husband and fell. Hikers passing by raised the alarm by hiking further and phoning . The SA National Park rangers, NSRI Storms River crew, NSRI Oyster Bay crew and Private Care ambulance services were activated.
The WC Government Health EMS was also placed on alert and the EMS/AMS Skymed rescue helicopter was activated by EMS Metro Control.
On arrival medical treatment was given to the lady who had serious injuries . She was stabilised and prepared for evacuation from the barely accessible terrain.
In the care of paramedics the rescue helicopter airlifted the woman to a landing zone where she was transferred into an ambulance and transported to hospital in a stable condition, where she is recovering with ongoing medical treatment.
The swift response by all parties involved has been commended.

Photo of Otter Trail in Tsitsikamma National Park, supplied


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