Sea Vista homes and goods flooded. Help needed

Article by Bev Mortimer                                                                                                                                  Flood damage has occurred  to Sea Vista homes recently in this month of May, plus to clothing, bedding and food supplies, but it appears no donations of help have been received from anyone.

St Francis Chronicle has been asked to appeal to the community for help.

Many Sea Vista residents experienced really bad flooding in their homes and
they were left with no clothing to wear, had all their food destroyed and had no dry
mattresses or warm blankets to sleep on, and many had to go to bed hungry.

Children could not go to school as all their clothing was wet and some had
to stay home huddled and shivering in wet blankets, reports from some parents
said. Fortunately the sun came out for a day or two and some things could dry.

What is worse is that when it rains drains become blocked not only in Sea
Vista but in the St Francis Bay Village area as well.

This newspaper has been asked to post these photos and a message from the local
pastor, Johannes Spekboom, who has reported that the flood victims have not received any
food parcels, clothing or mattresses.  For these people the floods are a disaster,
he says.

“The issue of floods in our beloved Sea-Vista Vista is heart drenching.  Our
cries falls on deaf ears.

“For years we’ve been complaining and it’s not that those in authority don’t
see what’s happening when it rains. They know very well but it seems that other
things are more important than the conditions our fellow human endure.

“Water does not dry out for weeks in some people’s houses. It is painful to
see only sand bags are delivered by the Kouga Municipality to redirect water
away from people’s houses.

“This is only a temporary solution.  No permanent solutions are planned.  
“We beg our Municipality to make us also priority, and not to only make other disasters in the Kouga area a priority!

Asked if the municipality had arranged food parcels or donations, he
replied: “The victims received none of these from Kouga municipality.  Disaster Management was observed and was visible driving around. But apart from sandbags, no food parcels etc were delivered.”

And resident Rosheda Joseph, who took and posted the first photo  (above), said: “I don’t know how many times this has been posted as a problem. We complain but sadly nothing is done about it.
People have to use rocks and planks to walk on to get out of their houses.

She also said that all the rubble left in the road like rocks and rubbish after
a flood means cars cannot drive there. “It is disgraceful and we are disappointed
that no effort has been made to do something about it.

“Sea Vista is fighting a losing battle for years now.”

If anyone would like to make a donation or offer help to these flood victims, please whatsapp Pastor Spekboom on 060 3272657


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