Four shacks burn down in Sea Vista, St Francis Bay

  • Article by Bev Mortimer

Four shacks were destroyed in a fire at 9 pm last night in the St Francis Bay suburb of Sea Vista.

It is unknown at this stage how the fire started but it occurred at shacks in the backyards of Sea Vista homeowners in the main part of Sea Vista.
The following 12 people were affected: In the first shack: six people, a husband and wife, and two boys and two girls; in the second shack; a husband and wife with one child; in the third shack: a mother and child; and in the fourth shack, just one man lived.

The fire department came swiftly, alerted by a resident. A small truck and a big one arrived but the big truck left soon after as it was reported at the scene, unofficially, that the truck’s generator’s lever was broken. The small truck, however, extinguished the fire.

The number of people living in the shacks is unknown at this stage. St Francis Chronicle will update.
Those good Samaritans who would like to help the fire victims, who have lost everything, please contact Pastor Johannes Spekboom on: 063 203 7625

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