Taxi violence and attack on JBay police

Yesterday morning taxi violence erupted in Jeffreys Bay and the local police station was later attacked after the arrest of a man with a firearm.

One policeman was injured during the destructive attack on the JBay SAPS police station in Woltemade Street in a scene akin to the Wild West. The attack on the SAPS followed a taxi blockade of about 50 taxi operators demanding their arrested colleague be released.

The angry group of operators later ran amok and attempted to force their way to the police station. They damaged a security gate, a door, and also pelted windows with stones. 

Police retaliated with stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd and one police officer sustained minor injuries during the incident. 

Police recounted that violence first erupted between members of the two taxi associations near Tokyo Sexwale taxi rank in Jeffreys Bay. At the scene, police arrested a man after he was seen hiding a firearm underneath a vehicle. 

While monitoring that scene, a group of taxi operators converged in front of the police station and managed to block Woltemade Street with several taxi vehicles. They then demanded the release of their arrested colleague and subsequently attacked the police station.

Police impounded 10 taxi vehicles that were blocking the street.  Police opened a case of public violence, malicious damage to property, and assault.

Police said they seized a Norinco firearm with eight live rounds of ammunition and also said the arrested 28 year-old man is due to appear in the Humansdorp Magistrates Court tomorrow, 19 August.

Police say other arrests are imminent. Photos supplied by SAPS.



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