Eskom started load shedding at 10 pm tonight to 5 am tomorrow morning!!

Eskom implemented stage 2 load- shedding this evening from 22:00 until 05:00

Thursday, 7 November 2019: Eskom will implement stage 2 rotational load-shedding this evening from 10 am tomorrow morning.
Last week and earlier Eskom said any unexpected shift in generating capacity, such as additional unplanned breakdowns and the depletion of our emergency reserves may necessitate the need to implement load-shedding at short notice.

St Francis  area in the Eastern Cape is not scheduled for load shedding during this time frame tonight, though from tomorrow the schedule may be different. 

Here is info (edited) from the official release earlier this evening…

Today Eskom lost three additional generation units and had to use o-emergency reserves in order to meet demand throughout the day. As a result emergency reserves are now at critically low levels, and need to be replenished overnight in order to meet tomorrow’s forecast for demand in electricity. That said, the risk of loads-shedding for tomorrow remains high if generating units do not return overnight as scheduled.
Eskom has been working around the clock to avoid load-shedding this week given the constrained state of the system. Despite its best efforts it has to implement load-shedding this evening.
The Emergency Command Response Centre is working closely with recovery teams to return units from planned and unplanned maintenance
A concerted collective effort to reduce demand can help lessen the level of load-shedding. So customers are urged to assist by helping to reduce demand by using electricity sparingly.
• Switch off air-conditioners or set at an average temperature of 23ºC
• Switch off your geysers
• Use the cold water tap rather than using the geyser every time
• Set your swimming pool pump cycle to run twice a day, three hours at a time for optimal energy use.
• At the end of the day, turn off computers, copiers, printers and fax machines at the switch. Avoid stand-by or sleep mode.
Customers are advised to check their load-shedding schedules on the Eskom or municipal website.
Eskom will provide regular updates on the status of the power system through all media platforms. Eskom apologises for the inconvenience.

Here is the official schedule (all stages) for a month ahead..

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