Teenage girl injured in accident on the Kromme River

A 14 year-old girl fell while wake-boarding yesterday on the Kromme River, hurting her neck and back.

She was treated by St Francis Bay NSRI medics for suspected spinal injuries and transferred by paramedics to hospital.

Sarah Smith, NSRI St Francis Bay station commander, said at 9.04 am
on 19 March, NSRI St Francis Bay volunteer duty crew were activated following reports of the accident 4 kms upstream from the Kromme River Bridge. It is a barely accessible location with limited road access and shallow water depth.

Smith says her private cabin boat was launched with NSRI crew and medics, plus medical and rescue equipment on board.  A local doctor and paramedics were on standby at the public slip-way at the Kromme River Bridge.

The girl was treated and secured onto a trauma board, with cervical spinal immobilisation, and taken on board the cabin boat. She was then transported to the slip way where the doctor and paramedics took over her care before the she was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Edited by St Francis Chronicle


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