St Francis Post Office temporarily closed

The St Francis Bay Post Office was temporarily closed today, 2 March 2016 by a sheriff of the Humansdorp court

This was confirmed by the owners of the Village Square shopping centre at which the post office is housed

A whole of of inquiries have been received from residents in St Francis wanting to know what is going to happen to their mail.

Ciske Botes who runs a private post box service in conjunction with the local post office in St Francis Bay  says he has also been inundated with queries today from his cutomers wanting to know how they are going to get their letters and parcels.Humansdorp Post Office branch manager,  Dirk Brummer, says all parcels destined for St Francis Bay can be collected from the Hiumanmsdorp Post Office – until the Str Francis one opens again. No one knows when.

Timie Williams for the SA Postal Services says that he does not know how people will get

their letters yet. He is still waiting to hear.

Marius Botha speaking on behalf of the owners of Village Square, Capital Land, said his company is trying to get the whole local  postal situation under control and back to normal by tomorrow afternoon, so it is only a temporary closure.

St Francis Chronicle will advise further with an update when we hear more – probably tomorrow.

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