Shark attack at Still Bay – update


Still Bay resident Stuart Anderson is in a stable condition, recovering in a George hospital following surgery after being bitten by a shark while surfing at Morris Reef yesterday, 25 October.

Local Still Bay surfer Jonathan Gursch, described  how he saw Anderson and another surfer, Petro van Nierop, 21 , heading towards rocks with  a shark behind them. He headed their direction and the shark disappeared.

On reaching the rocks he realised Anderson had been bitten and saw bite marks on his right leg and thigh. He abandoned his surf board and assisted Anderson out of the water onto the rocks. He and NSRI volunteer Arno Grewe, 16, Assisted Anderson to get to the beach where NSRI volunteer, Leon Combrinck, 17, accessed the shark emergency medical kit and bandaged the wounds thigh, plus they alerted Still Bay NSRI duty crew..

The NSRI says all the above people are friends and they are commended for their efforts.

Edited by St Francis Chronicle


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