Surfer bitten by shark at Still Bay

surfer airlifted to hospital

Photo by NSRI if of surfer being airlifted to hospital .

A surfer at Morris Reef, Still Bay, was attacked by a suspected White shark this afternoon, 25 October.

The 42 year-old man, suffering from lacerations on his right leg, calf, knee and hip, was airlifted to hospital by AMS/EMS Skymed helicopter, in a serious, but stable, condition.

 NSRI volunteer duty crew were activated at 3 pm today following reports of the shark attack incident at Morris Reef, which is in front of the NSRI sea rescue base. Two NSRI members were surfing nearby and, together with a member of the public, assisted the local man out of the water.

The NSRI volunteers treated the man’s injuries with medical equipment kept at the beach and activated an emergency response.

 The surfer was taken to the rescue base where medical treatment continued.  WC Government Health EMS and the helicopter responded.  Paramedics then took over treatment of the man and he was taken to hospital in good spirits.

According to descriptions given by the injured surfer,  the shark appears to have been a White shark of about 3 to 3.5 meters. This cannot be confirmed until authorities do an investigation on the bite marks.

 (Edited by St Francis Chronicle)

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