SAP colonel arrested for alleged connection to drug syndicate

 A 51 year-old SAPS colonel suspected of being part of a drug trafficking syndicate operating in and around Johannesburg was arrested by the SAP today, 12 October,  along with  five other people.  

The 51-year-old colonel was arrested just after he reported for duty at Sophiatown Police Station this morning.  The other four suspected drug dealers, aged between 29 and 63, were arrested in Westbury, Newclare and Reverlea. 

It is alleged  the senior police officer, who was in charge of visible policing operations from the Sophiatown police station, had a corrupt relationship with the suspects. He allegedly was helping the suspected drug dealers betray their clients and evade police arrest.

“It is alleged that after a client purchased drugs from the suspects, they would give the police officer a tip-off. The police officer would then organise a raid on the clients, seize the drugs but free the clients in exchange for a bribe.

“The drugs would then be taken back to the suspected drug lords, who would also pay the police officer a bribe for returning the loot of drugs. The alleged criminal activities took place in Johannesburg areas, including Eldorado Park, Westbury, Newclare and Reverlea,” police said on Monday.


(edited by St Francis Chronicle)

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