NSRI Plett assists three tourists, one injured

A Dutch tourist suffering from a foot injury while hiking was evacuated by boat out of the Robberg Nature Reserve Wild Side by NSRI Plettenberg Bay earlier this evening, 9 October.

His two 29 year-old friends carried him for three hours after he could hike no further until an NSRI Plett volunteer, Nic van den Handel, perchance found the trio on his daily run.

Marc Rodgers, NSRI Plettenberg Bay deputy station commander, said at 4.40 pm the local NSRI volunteer duty crew were activated after van den Handel alerted them.

The injured man, 25, had felt pain in his foot yesterday. He however joined his friends, one from Holland and one from Miami, US, on a hike today.

During the hike the pain in his foot increased and after twisting it on rocks he was unable to walk. His friends then carried him.

The NSRI crew launched the Discovery Rescue Runner and sea rescue craft Discovery. In heavy sea conditions the rescue craft was unable to get close enough to rocks in order to transfer the patient.

The Discovery Rescue Runner was, however, able to negotiate the swells and rocks to reach the injured man. The patient was then transferred onto Discovery. He was then brought to the NSRI base from where he was collected by a friend and taken to hospital for further treatment.

As the light was fading the NSRI crew dispatched a land rescue party. In darkness, using torches and headlamps, they guided the other two tourists safely out of the Reserve to their vehicles.

They required no further assistance. A helicopter that had been launched to assist was cancelled en-route.

(Edited by St Francis Chronicle)


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