House on St Francis canals is burning

 house burning 2Breaking….A house in Sunset Drive on the Kromme in the canal area, St Francis Bay , caught alight in the fierce electrical storm that raged in the early hours of the morning. It appears to have been struck by lightning.

The house belongs to Julie Vardy. In the fierce winds dubbed, ‘The Black Southeaster’ firemen battled to put out the fire. A half hour ago they were still putting the fire out and mopping up.

house buring 1

It appears only one house was burnt. The electrical storm woke most of the domestic animals in St Francis Bay and their animals and raged for at least one hour.

Details still sketchy. 

Most residents say it is incredibly fortunate that only one house was burnt  as there is a dreadful wind blowing. On 11 November 2012   76  houses burnt to the ground after one caught alight and fierce winds caused flames to jump from one neighbouring  thatch house to the next.

At 8.30 this morning firemen were almost done and dusted, ready to mop up and go. Here are photos taken 20 minutes ago..

003 006 010 012

Photos of house burning: Nevil Hulett

Photos of house  with firemen Bev Mortimer

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