Dead Cape gannets on St Francis ‘ beaches

Dead Cape gannets are being washed up on the St Francis beaches.

This is according to Sanccob that says the rehab facility in Cape St Francis has received numerous reports of Cape gannet carcasses along the St Francis coastline.

During the course of the past two weeks, residents reported about 15 bodies scattered along the Cape St Francis and St Francis Bay beaches.  Postmortems of five of the sea birds indicate that the most likely cause of death is seal predation, Sanccob says.

Sanccob asks the public to help them in collecting the bodies off the beaches by using a towel or plastic bag and take them to the Sanccob rehab centre in Cape St Francis. This will enable Sanccob to conduct more post postmortems and further investigate the cause of death of these precious seabirds. 

The public is also asked to keep animals away from the cases so as to prevent the spread of diseases.  The organisation will keep the public updated.

(Edited by St Francis Chronicle)

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