Junior surfers at Magnatubes charging epic surf


Crystal Hulett, from St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape.

Photo:  © Ian Thurtell

Junior surfers like Crystal Hulett and Olivia Brand were the stand-outs in the Girls U20 pro division on day 2 of the Billabong Junior Series presented by BOS event at Magnatubes , Jeffreys Bay, today, 14 July. 

Crystal Hulett from St Francis Bay surfed a clever heat to edge out Teal Hogg. “It’s dropped a lot since yesterday,” she said, “but they’re definitely easier to drop in on and there is more of a ride on offer.” Hulett said.

Hulett added that she and Teal Hogg paddled each other quite far up the point to gain the inside position. “I kind of redirected myself back down the point and that helped me get the scores I needed.”


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