British girl rescued after fall off horse at Gamtoos

An 18 year-old British girl fell off her horse while riding near the Gamtoos River mouth, Jeffreys Bay, today.

The girl suffered neck and back pain from the fall . The NSRI was asked to assist as it has the equipment and experience to negotiate the fairly inaccessible terrain where the girl was.  

Rieghard Janse van Rensburg, NSRI Jeffreys Bay station commander, said at 11.33 today, 4 July, the NSRI volunteer duty crew were activated. The girl was a volunteer of Shamwari Game Reserve, and was on her last day in South Africa.  

She fell while riding far down the beach with four fellow horse riders. Paramedics could not reach the scene by conventional transport and so NSRI was  called to assist

NSRI Jeffreys Bay crew members responded in their 4×4 rescue vehicle, fetched ambulance paramedics and negotiated the challenging terrain, van Rensburg said. NSRI medics assisted paramedics to stabilise and immobilise the woman as a precaution for possible cervical spinal injuries.

The girl was then transported in the sea rescue vehicle to the parking area at Papiesfontein and then transported by Private Care ambulance to hospital in a stable and satisfactory condition for further treatment.

NSRI fetched the other riders from the beach and brought them to safety in the sea rescue vehicle. The horse was uninjured.

Esre Lotter from Papiesfontein Horse Rides says they have their emergency procedures in place (with Private Care) and they are grateful to the NSRI which could assist. 


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