Warning of strong rip currents for the next week

NSRI has put out a warning to people on the South African coastline or visiting there to be cautious about stronger rip currents owing to the  twice monthly Spring Tide.

The Spring Tide peaks on 2 July during the Full Moon phase and will last till around 8 July. Spring Tide brings a higher than normal high tide, a lower than normal low tide and with it stronger than normal rip currents.

Stronger than normal rip currents are experienced along the coast for a few days leading up to the full or the new moon, peaking on the day of the full or the new moon, and lasting for a few days after the full or the new moon, every month of the year.

Anyone going down to the beach and anyone visiting along the coastline, bathers, paddlers, surfers, seafarers and anglers, during the winter vacation and between now and at least Monday 6 July are advised to be aware of the Full Moon Spring Tide bringing stronger than normal rip currents.

These currents  are a result of the higher and lower than normal high and low tides brought on by the full moon phase and which are now building up. They will peak on 2 July and will last between now and the next 6 to 8 days. Extreme caution is advised around the coast during this time. 


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