NSRI Jbay assist New Zealand paddlers back to shore

NSRI Jeffreys Bay  helped three people including two New Zealand tourists, who had difficulty getting back to shore in a stiff off-shore breeze, yesterday, 25 June.

The trio, a 26 year-old man from Jeffreys Bay, a 30 year-old man and 26 year-old woman from News Zealand, were on their SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boards and were struggling a bit to reach shore against a 10 to 12 knot off-shore Westerly wind.

The NSRI volunteer duty crew were activated at 2.37 pm yesterday by a life guard report about the trio in difficulty.

The NSRI NSRI Jeffreys Bay found the trio about 800 meters off-shore. The NSRI duty crew and lifeguards monitored their progress for a while and then went to their aid. The lifeguard paddled out and the NSRI launched the sea rescue craft Discovery.

The NSRI volunteers took the Jbay man under tow and the lifeguard paddled with New Zealand couple all together, negotiating the waves to get them back to shore and safety.


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