Cape St Francis woman stabbed and cut during an assault


A 62 year-old Cape St Francis woman, resting on the sofa on her balcony on the wild side about noon today, 21 June, was allegedly stabbed by a man wielding a knife.

During the scuffle a glass door got broken and the woman Lynne O’Bray, sister to Lois Fox, had to have 50 stitches administered by a local St Francis doctor.

Fox says her sister had been lying down on a sofa on the patio of her house in Maori Lane doing a crossword puzzle when a man, armed with a knife, suddenly loomed over her and it is alleged he tried to pull her sister into the house. Her sister kept on kicking him and that is how the patio door got broken.

At one point it is alleged that he dropped the knife and O’Bray quickly grabbed the knife, at which point the intruder ran away.

O’Bray had at least one stab puncture mark in the armpit and on her leg – the other cuts are either from the glass or from stabbing.  

Understandably, she is believed to be highly traumatised but she is with family and friends who are comforting her. Police said they are looking for the intruder, believed to be in his late 20s, and they are investigating a case of assault.

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