Johannesburg couple’s narrow escape in accident near JBay

A Johannesburg couple on their way to Jeffreys Bay were fortunately rescued after the rented vehicle they travelled in hit some bales of hay on the freeway, overturned and left them in the dark and severely injured.

Rieghard Janse van Rensburg, NSRI JBay station commander, said  on 20 May an NSRI Jeffreys Bay medical officer, HJ Classens, noticed a car upside down in bushes on the side of the freeway and the injured couple next to it on 20 May while returning home from Port Elizabeth.

It appears the couple’s car collided with bales of hay strewn on the N2 that fell off a truck causing their car to roll. A member of the public had stopped and was attempting to render assistance when HJ also pulled over to help.  

Classen medically treated the couple, a woman in her 40s and a man in his 5os, plus he raised the alarm. EC Government Health EMS, traffic services, the SAP and ambulance services then responded.

The woman was immobilised and transported to hospital by ambulance in a stable condition. The man sustained a laceration to his head but did not require hospitalisation.

Police are investigating the origin of the bales of hay which were removed from the road by traffic authorities.

 (Edited by St Francis Chronicle)



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