Thyspunt EIA Draft Report once again delayed

The EIA Draft for the proposed Nuclear-1 power station at Thyspunt has been delayed yet again

But the new date for the release of the revised Draft EIR Version 2 for public comment on the proposed nuclear power station at Thyspunt is not determined as yet. This Draft report was supposed to have been released in 2011 but the goal posts have shifted almost every annual quarter since.

In a letter sent out this afternoon 3 May 2015, entitled ‘Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed Nuclear-1 power station (NPS)’ at Thyspunt and associated infrastructure, Eskom consultants, Gibb, cites additional input required from the DEA and financial constraints experienced by the applicant as the reason for the non-appearance of the Draft report.

The purpose of its letter today to interested and affected parties, Gibb says, is to provide feedback on the current status of the EIA process and the next steps in this process. Gibb also says all registered I&AP’s will however be advised in good time of the availability of the revised Draft EIR Version 2 and the venues where it will be placed.

The dates of public meetings, the venues for these meetings and the venues where the EIR will be provided will also be communicated in due course. The availability of the EIR and the public meetings will be extensively advertised in the press.

In its letter in October last year Gibb revealed that  substantive changes were being made to the Draft Environmental Impact Assess Report (EIR) and selected specialist studies in response to comments received from the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and the public.


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