Two rhinos shot by poachers at Lombardini Game Farm

PhotoL Lof rhino carcass found on Lombardini Game Farm
Photo of rhino carcass found on Lombardini Game Farm

 The SAP are investigating a case of hunting endangered species following the discovery of a rhino mother and her two month-old calf at Lombardini Game Farm outside St Francis Bay la on 30 April 2015.

The animals were found shot dead and the mother rhino’s horn had been removed.

The incident happened sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. No one on the farm heard the sounds of gun shots as the weather was extremely windy and it was raining.

The SAP detectives Stock Theft Unit were summoned to Lombardini Game Farm about 8 am on Thursday this week  The police found carcasses of the two rhinos. There are no suspects as yet.

Anyone with information is requested to contact Crime Stop Line 08600 1011.


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