Stronger rip currents expected around the SA coastline

The Spring Tide is here and  rip currents are expected to be stronger than normal owing to a trio of space events happening simultaneously from today.

Apart from the Spring High Tide there is a shadow on parts of the earth – a solar eclipse (mostly visible in the northern hemisphere) –  and a Super Moon (though not visible). A Super Moon is closer to the earth and happens only a few times each year.

Because of these cosmic coincidences there might be rip currents even stronger than normally experienced according to NSRI National H/O. There might be a greater than normal effect on the Spring Tide.

“Anyone going down to the beach and anyone visiting the coastline is advised by the National NSRI  to be aware of of these strong rip currents and higher high tides and lower low tides than normal during the next five to six days,” the NSRI says.



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