NSRI St Francis Bay evacuated injured fisherman

NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew evacuated a fisherman suffering from an injured finger apparently caught in a hydraulic winch.

Spirit of St francis II - NSRI St Francis Bay sea rescue craft
Spirit of St Francis II – NSRI St Francis Bay sea rescue craft

The volunteer duty crew launched the NSRI rescue craft Spirit of St Franics at 9.45  on 19 February, and met up with the Cape Town based long-line fishing trawler Echalar.  The 40 year-old injured crewman was taken aboard and transported to to the local, private port in St Francis Bay from where he was taken to a doctor.

The accident reportedly happened two prior, the NSRI says. The finger had been cleaned and bound by fellow crew on board but appeared to be infected.

The Captain decided to head to the nearest port to seek medical attention for the injured man.

Since the vessel was too big to enter St Francis Bay’s small private port, NSRI St Francis Bay was tasked by the Transnet National Ports Authority to fetch the fisherman. The man is now in a stable condition with his hand bound by bandages.


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