Parts of missing paddler’s surfski found today

During the search early this morning at about 7 am,  part of the missing surf-ski belonging to  missing paddler Mark Feather, was found offshore of East London.

Missing: Mark Feather from Rivonia, Gauteng
Missing: Mark Feather from Rivonia, Gauteng-

But no sign of Feather himself, missing since yesterday morning was found.  Feather, 43, from Rivonia, Gauteng failed to return to shore after setting off to compete  in the Pete Marlin surfski challenge  offshore of East London yesterday morning.

An extensive search was undertaken after the find of part of his surfksi and more debris  was found washed up further north resulting in  the search area being narrowed.

Sea conditions today were 5.5 to 6 meter swells and 40 knot winds.

NSRI says from first light today the search for Feather continued. Those involved in the search included: NSRI East London, assisted by NSRI Port Alfred and NSRI Port Elizabeth, the sea rescue craft Lotto Rescuer, 2 fixed wing aircraft from Border Aviation Club, and an AV8 rescue helicopter, the SA Police Services, a Police Dive Unit, a Police K-9 Search and Rescue Unit, the 4×4 Club, Motorcross bikes and quad bikes, Surf Lifesaving, race organisers from the Pete Marlin Surf-ski Race, members of the Border Canoe Club, a private Long Range Helicopter, Buffalo Toyota, the local paddling fraternity, surf-ski race competitors and private community members from both East London and the Wild Coast,

The search was along an area plotted by MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre). “A search operation and investigations will be continued by Police including a Police Dive Unit, a Police K-9 Search and Rescue Unit and a Police Equestrian Unit.

“NSRI is appealing to local communities and the fishing communities in the areas of Morgan Bay, to the Great Kei River and northwards into the Transkei to be alert. They should report anything that can assist with this to local police.

“Thoughts and support remain with the family of Mark Feather,”the NSRI says.

Read initial story posted yesterday, here:

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