Carnival games on Penguin Awareness Day

A crowd of around 450 people celebrated African Penguin Awareness Day at Sanccob’s rehab centre at the Seal Point lighthouse.


An exciting Penguin Carnival was held , followed by a tour of the rehab centre, penguin adoptions and carnival games.  There was a kids’ programme  and all were able to meet Francis, Sanccob’s ambassador penguin.


ReleaseAfrican Penguin Awareness Day is an international initiative to raise awareness on the plight of the African penguin and other threatened sea birds. The Cape St Francis festivities on this day tied in with those celebrated at Sanccob Cape Town.

During December this year end Sanccob Cape St Francis will hold a 10 day Penguin Holiday Festival, There will be events and activities for the whole family.  The programme will be released next month.


Sanccob encourages people to adopt penguins or sponsoring a hole at the Penguin Golf Day on 26 December.

Sanccob is a leading marine-orientated, non-profit organisation, newly extended to Cape St Francis in the Eastern Cape, which has treated more than 95 000 oiled, ill, injured or abandoned endangered African penguins and other threatened seabirds since being established in 1968.

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