One man missing, another found dead at Swartkops River

Two men in their 20s reportedly jumped one after the other off the Swartkops River Bridge north of Port Elizabeth today and the body of one has been found while the other man is missing.

NSRI Port Elizabeth said at 2.30 pm volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following a request for assistance from EC Government Health EMS. They were at the scene of the where the men disappeared in the river a mile upstream from Swartkops River Mouth,

Eye witnesses said the local man who first jumped off never surfaced and his companion then followed suit in an apparent attempt to rescue him, but he also disappeared under water.

The NSRI volunteers responded and on arrival at the scene launched the sea rescue craft, Boardwalk Rescuer, accompanied by SAP divers and Dive Unit. The divers located the body of the first man that has been handed over to Forensic Pathology Services.

The second man has not been found. It is suspected he may have been swept away by an incoming tide. Police will continue a search operation for the missing man and an inquest docket has been opened by them.


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