Sanccob needs equipment for ICU Facility Upgrade

 The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (Sanccob)  next to the Seal Point lighthouse in Cape St Francis is upgrading its ICU facility as a response to better the care of the more 50 African penguins admitted to the centre in the last month. This is the start of the ‘chick season’ during which Sanccob admits a large number of abandoned African penguin chicks.Sanccob urgently needs the following ICU items:

 • 2 x ultraviolet fly zappers for pest control • 2 x plastic drawers (with 3 or 4 drawers each) for storage of medical supplies • 3 x desk fans for heat regulation (new or second hand) • 2 x garbage (kitchen) bins for safe disposal of used medical supplies • 5L of floor paint for ICU floor • 1 x paper towel roll dispenser for staff hygiene • 1 x Small display or bar fridge for medicine

Itis hoped to complete the ICU Upgrade in the following two weeks. For any queries or in-kind donations, please contact Louanne Mostert (Fundraising Coordinator EC) at or 083 874 3067



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