Eskom signs contract with Areva for replacement of Koeberg steam generators

Eskom has signed the contract with Areva NP for the replacement of steam generators at the Koeberg nuclear power plant.

“Eskom is pleased to announce that the contract between it and Areva NP was signed on  6 September,”  a statement from Eskom said yesterday, 7 September.

The signing of the contract  follows the withdrawal by Westinghouse Electric, a manufacturing company, of its high court application to interdict Eskom. Westinghouse filed the urgent application to the court in order to see documentation relating to Eskom’s awarding of the R4 billion tender.

The High Court in Johannesburg on Friday confirmed as an order of court that Westinghouse’s application to interdict Eskom from concluding its contract with winning bidder Areva had been withdrawn.

On Friday Eskom said there was no court order providing Westinghouse the right to an urgent review. The court order was limited to granting Westinghouse access to documentation leading up to and forming the basis of Eskom’s decision in the procurement of the steam generators.

Eskom has five working days to hand over the documents and the power utility said it will comply.

Eskom is planning for the installation of the steam generators in 2018.

“The 2018 installation plan is also aligned to Eskom’s maintenance activities planned for the Koeberg nuclear power station.

“This timeline also ensures that all Koeberg safety issues are addressed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements,” it said on Saturday.



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