Sea Vista charitable lady needs help to feed sick and elderly in Sea Vista

The forgotten folk of Sea Vista…

St Francis Chronicle

A Sea Vista resident, Lorensha George, has rallied to the plight of the sick and infirm in Sea Vista by offering to provide food for them each day, which she delivers to their homes.

And this Friday 18 July (Mandela’s Birthday) they will be served a special meal in their houses.

However, Lorensha and her husband, who are charitable folk, have to dig deep into their pockets to find food money for these people, the forgotten folk of Sea Vista.  Pensioners only get payment once a month and it is often insufficient to buy food for a whole month .

The current soup kitchens assist the poor and needy children in the area and some of the sick and infiirm. These poor children are now thankfully receiving huge donations or food parcels from businesses such as the Kouga Wind Farm and SuperSpar, but the vast majority of sick and elderly…

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