Sea Vista residents occupy St Francis Bay’s entrance

By Bev Mortimer

About 200 marchers have occupied the R330 – St Francis Bay’s only exit and entrance route since just after 5 am today.  No cars are allowed through in either direction.



The crowd is currently peaceful, singing and toyi-toying. Some of the men are carrying knobkieries, pangas and large sticks.

Fires are being stoked with branches and rubber car tyres and lighted with paraffin and petrol. The blaze is strong and fortunately there is no wind. The area is extremely warm.

Motorists are asked not to attempt to pass as there are allegations that some motorists who did try to force their way through had stones thrown at them earlier this morning.

Dozens of disappointed and frustrated motorists were being turned back at 7 am this morning. One motorist said he was on his way to Durban but now would have to delay his plans. He and other motorists will have to wait as long as it takes to get a provincial official to the scene. Last year it took almost 5 hours.

Residents of Sea Vista are streaming down the hill to join the marchers and it is expected that many more will have joined the early crowd by mid-morning.

The marchers are demonstrating because of long-standing grievances over service delivery and lack of housing. Some marchers this year also want land for livestock. read article here:

The marchers say they will “occupy” the road until a member of the Provincial Council comes to address them. They say that in one year nothing has been done since they spoke to provincial officials after marching on 18 May last year and that no one takes their grievances seriously.

The municipality was informed about the strike and put out a statement that it was “aware of the rumours (sic) of the strike” and that SAP and traffic cops would be ready.  Read story here:

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