SAP, traffic cops on standby for Sea Vista march – Kouga Municipality

By Bev Mortimer

Kouga Municipality says it is aware of the planned march and occupation of the R330 at the entrance to St Francis tomorrow, 21 June 2014

They say the traffic department and SAP are ready and will be monitoring the situation.

Latest reports say some marchers are going to demonstrate on the R330 – just as they did last year by burning tyres and branches with paraffin or petrol and toyi-toying, plus they will block the traffic and motorists from leaving or entering St Francis.

To read the earlier report this am, click here:

In a statement received by St Francis Chronicle the municipality said:  “The municipality is aware of the rumours that there might be a march/protest action at St Francis tomorrow.

 “No application was received, as required by law. Any such action would, therefore, be illegal. 

“The St Francis Bay SAP has been monitoring the rumours and have indicated to the municipality that they are ready to act should such a protest be staged.

“Municipal traffic officers have also been alerted to the situation and will assist the police with road closures/traffic control if required.”

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