Four shacks burn, 4 homeless in Sea Vista

Four shacks caught fire early this morning soon after 5 am at Sea Vista township, 30 April 2014.

Photos: Bev Mortimer
People trying to salvage some building equipment this morning and clearing the mess.  Photos: Bev Mortimer


There were no injuries and four people had their homes and possessions destroyed. The fire department arrived but unfortunately could not save the shacks.

One of the shacks was left partially standing, while the others were completely consumed by the flames.  The homeless people are having to stay with family and friends from today  until  they can build  or find new homes for themselves.

The cause of the fire is unknown as none of the shack owners were in any of the shacks when the fire started relatives of the victims told St Francis Chronicle.

Any donations of food, blankets and clothing are most welcome and appreciated. Telephone Rosy 073 738 1553


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