Con men targeting SFB businesses

By Bev Mortimer

Businesses and residents are warned to be alert as two con men and thieves are currently targeting St Francis Bay businesses and shops.

The pair have hit two businesses already in the past 24 hours.

They entered a shop a short while ago this morning (28 April 2014).

While the one, a short, fat woman asked the assistant  for help with looking at scarves, the other, a tall, dark man,  believed to be a Nigerian, with pock marks on his face, slipped out of view.

He apparently went behind the counter and opened the till and took out nearly R3000 in cash.  The assistant’s cell phone was on the counter and had been playing music.

The woman then said she would come back later and quickly left the shop. The assistant puzzled that the music had stopped playing went to investigate and discovered his phone had been swiped and the till raided.

The couple were spotted driving away in a silver grey small car. Make and number plates unknown.

The incident was reported to the local SAP and apparently a restaurant was targeted by the couple last night as well. It is not known if they made off with anything at the restaurant.

Businesses and residents are asked to be on the lookout. If the couple is encountered again,  their whereabouts should be reported to the SAP.

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