St Francis Bay’s first ‘left-handed’ pizza!

By Bev Mortimer

A St Francis Bay restaurant has announced it is targeting the often forgotten, left-handed community of St Francis by adding a left-handed pizza to its menu from today, Tuesday, 1 April.

 It was reported last week on ‘Left-Handers’ Day’ that about 10% of people write with their left hand – “a trait tenuously tied to intelligence and creativity, not to mention inky pinkies,” one website stated.

 Some experts say this small but steady legion sheds light on the brain. “Despite their minority status, lefties are more likely to excel in music, mathematics and athletics, according to studies.”

 Now Trattoria San Francesco aims to ensure its left-handed guests will keep their creative juices flowing with stimulating ideas after eating lefty pizzas at the popular Italian restaurant. This unusual idea was decided upon after reading about an American pizzeria that created special pizzas for ‘southpaws’ (aka left-handed pitchers), by placing all the condiments on the left hand side.

“We believe the first bite of pizza is the most important and memorable,” says Trattoria owner Claudia Urzi.  “Left-handed guests have traditionally been short-changed on this most important first mouthful.”

 The pizza toppings will be applied counter-clockwise (180 degrees) for the benefit of these creative and minority patrons at Trattoria. There will effectively be more sauce and toppings and more flavour when lefties take their first bite.

 With this trend to have different strokes for different folks, Claudia says all right-handed or ambidextrous guests who prefer easing into the flavours may also order the left-handed pizza at the restaurant (or for take away) on this first frivolous day of April.

 Not least the toppings for these ‘lefties’ will include camembert and green fig on Trattoria’s new margherita pizza called ‘Pizza a Sinistra’– only the best for these clever folk!

Bon appetit. Pesce d’Aprile!

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