Arrival of Australians and Proteas in Port Elizabeth – photos

The Australian cricket team and the South African Protea’s arrival at Port Elizabeth airport today was captured by African Drumbeat dancers and musicians who welcomed them .

The following photos were sent in by Ruth Macintosh of African Drumbeat.

The Proteas:


1939651_10153257389906515_1074325704_o 1939651_10153257389926515_1650157993_o 1939651_10153257389921515_1163130140_o


The Australians:

1932511_10153257331126515_855605632_o 1932511_10153257331141515_1173995939_o 1932511_10153257331146515_565873915_o (1)


Photos copyright: African Drumbeat

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    Arrival of the Australians and the Proteas

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