Green paper mooted for media development and diversity

The South African government is considering developing a Green Paper on media development and diversity, says the Deputy Minister of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, Obed Bapela.

 “We are considering developing a Green Paper Discussion Paper on media development and diversity as part of the [Media Development and Diversity] Agency review,” he said in Johannesburg on Frida, 31 january 2014.

The Green Paper will be informed by research conducted by the MDDA and its 10 years of experience, among other things. “This process will inform the proposals, including possible amendments to the MDDA Act of 2002.  As we celebrate 20 years (of democracy), we need to review the mandate.”

 The deputy minister was speaking at an event to thank outgoing MDDA board members, whose term expired in December, as well as welcome new board members, who started their term in January.

 The government will continue to support and uplift the work of the MDDA in order to make a meaningful impact on creating an enabling environment for media development and diversity.  “This will be done with an end game in mind that allows public discourse to flourish and where a diverse, vibrant and creative media flourishes and reflects the needs and aspirations of all South Africans,” Bapela said.

 “In line with MDDA’s initial vision that ‘each and every SA citizen should have access to a choice of a diverse media’, in most district municipalities there is some form of media for consumers to choose from. There are community and small commercial newspapers and/or magazines in languages spoken at the localities, in addition to community radio,”  the deputy minister added.

– source: SAnews..


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