Two elderly St Francis ladies set upon by intruders

Three male suspects aged 24, 28, 29 were arrested this week  (30 January)  at about 5 pm after a house robbery in St Francis Bay.

According to a SAP media statement, it is alleged that the three  suspects entered a house in Aldabara Run and threw open a back door while two elderly women were sitting in the lounge.

It’s believed that one of the suspects tried to strangle one of the ladies and allegedly robbed the ladies of jewellery, cash and a cell phone. The suspects were arrested after the incident by St Francis Bay Police members.

The suspects will appear in Humansdorp Magistrate’s Court on a charge of house robbery and theft on Monday, 3 February 2014. 

According to Calibre Security’s Lynn Edwards one of the ladies was allegedly robbed of her jewellery that she had on her.  The screams from her friend alerted a neighbour who phoned Calibre and the police.

It is alleged that one of the sustpects arested later had the jewellery on him. The ladies are fine but are traumatised.

Police investigations are continuing.

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  1. 3taz9exz says:

    ”This why I placed a ”Cape St Francis Crime Watch” Group facebook in the first place. Not to scare the wits out of residents and others, but to teach them how to take care of themselves, which includes the elderly. Keep on sleeping. It can’t happen to you, or can it?”

  2. Brett says:

    Charged with house robbery and theft, yet one tried to strangle one of the ladies…what happened to attempted murder…? Let’s hope they receive harsher sentences and not just a tap of the fingers. Criminals are not needed in our society and should be treated accordingly so that they “get the message”

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