Cape to Rio yachts still in distress

The NSRI continued to provide assistance to yachts in the Cape to Rio yact race yesterday and today, Wednesday, 8 January, 2014:

 The following assistance was provided:

7 January:

* NSRI Mykonos launched sea rescue craft to rendezvous with yacht AVA off-shore of Saldanha Bay. A tow line was rigged and Yacht AVA and her crew were brought safely into Port at Saldanha Bay under the tow of the NSRI Mykonos sea rescue craft.

Two crew that had minor injuries were assisted by NSRI paramedics but all are safe and well.

 *  NSRI Table Bay launched sea rescue craft to meet up off-shore of Cape Town with yacht ISLA that was under the tow of SMIT MADURA.  NSRI Table Bay took over the tow bringing the yacht safely into Table Bay Port.

SMIT MADURA crew are commended for the rescue mission they successfully carried out on yacht ISLA.

 8 January:

NSRI Hout Bay will launch sea rescue craft later today, to meet up with the bulk carrier JS YANGTSE off-shore of Mouille Point to take over the 2 French crew members who abandoned their yacht IDEFIX 2 at sea and they will be brought into Port of Table Bay.

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation, Customs and Immigration officials, the French Consulate will all be on hand to receive the two French IDEFIX 2 survivors. 

IDEFIX 2, not part of the Cape to Rio race, was caught up in the same storm as the Cape to Rio yachts and landed up being adrift at sea, unable to sail or motor, some 216 nautical miles off-shore of Cape Town.

The bulk carrier JS YANGTSE, the nearest ship at the time, agreed to meet with IDEFIX 2 on the request of MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) but by the time she arrived at the coordinates IDEFIX 2 had drifted away and could not be found or raised by phone or radio.

JS YANGTSE started an increasing box search plotted by MRCC and despite at one point being released from the search, then after MRCC Reunion established contact with the yacht JS YANGTSE eventually found IDEFIX 2 and rescued the 2 French sailors.

The Captain and crew of JS YANGTSE are commended for their efforts.

NSRI CEO Dr. Cleeve Robertson has commended all who took part in the major rescue operation on the South West Atlantic Ocean over the past few days.

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