JBay beaches stay closed for weekend after shark attack

The Jeffreys Bay beaches will remain closed for the weekend Kouga Municipality said in a statement Saturday, 12 October.

“We will be re-assessing the situation on Monday,” the municipality said.

This decision follows the shark attack yesterday morning at Lower Point, Jeffreys Bay, reportedly causing the death of 74 year-old JBay open water swimmer,  Burgert van der Westhuizen.

The municipality said their decision to keep the beaches closed for bathing this weekend after they were closed yesterday, was taken after consultation with the NSRI, the Wildlife Society (WESSA) and a local shark expert. “There has been regular sweeps of the bay and no further sightings of the shark has been reported,” the municipality said.

 “However, the sea is a vast natural environment over which we have little control. Our lifeguards will remain on duty at Dolphin Beach for the weekend to keep an eye on people there. They are flying the shark warning flag. If people chose to go into the sea, they do so at own risk.”

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