Shark attacks rare in St Francis Bay

According to research and statistics kept, shark attacks in St Francis have been rare during the area’s short 57 year-old history, but they have occurred.

The most recent attack was in 2006 when 15 year-old Stuart Duffin from St Francis Bay was bitten on the leg at Main beach.
In 2001 Dunstan Hogan was bitten on the thigh, hip and buttocks at Cape St Francis (CSF).
In 1998 Darren James had his knee bitten at St Francis Bay.
In 1997 Stuart Buchanan had his calf bitten at St Francis Bay.
In 1983 Ward Walkup had his left arm injured by a shark’s tail as it swam beneath his board at CSF.
1976 Marshall Flanagan had his left thigh and surfboard bitten. His thigh was taken to the bone on one side as result of the attack.
In 1975 David Robertson had his left leg and surfboard bitten at CSF.

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