Thieves steal wallet, cell, IDs from car in St Francis Bay industrial area

Daring thieves made off with a wallet, a cell phone, IDS and passports that were in a car parked in the Sea Vista, St Franics Bay area today, 16 September 2013.

The incident took place at about 2.15 pm in the industrial area in St Francis Bay.

The theft of goods from the car happened so fast. A St Francis Bay couple parked their car outside their storage unit and popped inside to check something .

They did not lock their car as they only anticipated being in the unit for a very short time.  They heard a noise and went back towards the car to investigate when they found the car had been burgled in a matter of minutes.

Although they pair had seen people walking around they had not noticed anyone acting suspiciously. Fortunately the wallet had no money in it and contained only a credit card.

St Francis Bay people are advised not to leave valuable items in their cars, even for a short while. They are also advised to lock their cars.

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  1. I agree with the police there whole hearted. As a former crime investigator myself, I found that most thefts occur only because the owners of the items stolen were negligent. The excuse,”Oh we are covered by insurance, so why worry”. Feeble excuse, because they don”t stop to think how much unnecessary extra work they are giving others including the police in the process, so when there is a serious crime committed they take longer to arrive at the scene, because of your negligence that is holding up a serious investigation.

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