Adopt-A-Highway project needs funds to keep R330 road clean

Due to economic factors, the Cape St Francis Civic Association can no longer afford to continue with the Adopt-A-Highway project as it operates now.

Unless the Association gets funds real soon the entrance road to St Francis, the R330, will be left with piles of rubbish on the road’s verges to welcome visitors. 

The Adopt-A-Highway project is managed and financed by the Cape St Francis Civic Association (CSFCA).  Currently the R330 road is cleaned from the Kromme Bridge to Cape St Francis once a month. During season it is increased to twice a month. Since 2007, the project has been financed by the CSFCA

Unless further sponsorship is found, the CSFCA will only clean from the road junction at the tip to Cape St Francis. The organisation is also going to do a monthly beach and wild side clean-up. At present there is a lot of pressure on the CSF open spaces, due to increased human activity.

An appeal to businesses and residents of St Francis Bay to ‘come on board’ with the Association has been made. The Associaiton asks: “Can you imagine if our access to our villages looks like that of Humansdorp?”

Each clean-up costs the CSF Association R1 200.00. With the extra seasonal clean-ups it cost the Civics about R16 800.00 per year. After conducting an audit of all the litter that is collected, it was found that 90% of all litter is collected between Kromme and the road junction to the tip. Hotspots include the Lyme Rd Circle and the squatter settlement where the settlement borders the road.

The project started in 2004 with co-sponsorship from various business enterprises. However, due to unfavourable economic conditions, sponsorship soon dried up. This did not deter the Cape St Francis Civics that realised the importance of the work carried out by the road team.

Any St Francis Bay businesses or residents who wish to help keep the R330, St Francis’ main access and entrance road,  clean please contact Chris Cowling on:

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