Valuation of St Francis properties meeting on 16 July

There will be a municipal valuation meeting in St Francis Bay bowling club hall on Tuesday evening, 16 July at 7 pm.

Property owners are asked to attend this meeting where Elke Roos from DDP Valuers,  the contracted company appointed by Kouga Council, will  be making a presentation.

The meeting is open to  residents and property owners.

 The  St Francis Bay Residents’ Association says  property valuation issues needing clarficiation include:

* When exactly will these valuations take place?

* How exactly will these valuations are conducted.

* How impartial will these valuations be?

*When will people be notified of their new valuations?

What period of time will be given to lodge any objections to the valuation?

 The SFBRa reminds property owners that may owners complained about the previous valuations being overvalued in relation to market value.  The SFBRA recently approached all estate agents with a view to them offering a free service of valuations for any property owners who have concerns about their valuations.   

This service is available either prior to the valuation taking place or afterwards.  The
following is a list of agents with their contact details:





Bay Estates

Brendon Lahana

042 294 0010

BJK Solutions

Bruce Brooker

042 294 0969

Chas Everitt

John Cooper

042 294 0336

Enid Pretorius

Enid Pretorius

042 294 0746

Grant De Beer

Grant De Beer

082 290 0156

Heather Rabie Properties

Heather Rabie

082 440 3004

Links Living

Marsha Haupt


Pam Golding

Richard Arderne

042 294 1188

St Francis Properties

Merle Peens

042 294 1449


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