St Francis Bay parkrun achieves record number of runners

The first parkrun at St Francis Bay this morning  achieved the most amount of runners at a launch event.  St Francis broke the record by attracting 226 runners. And by all accounts everyone who particpated just loved the run, others who just came to support enjoyed the spectacle and ambiance. “What fun was had by all including children, mothers and fathers pushing toddlers in prams, the very young to the more mature this morning,” enthuses Donna Jooste Coetzee. “Some ran, some walked others brought their pets and children and ambled along.” Donna, a local resident, managed to chat to veteran and renown Comrades Marathon runner and winner, Bruce Fordyce , who was at St Francis Links, where the 5 km run was held.

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To register go onto the website (  and print off your barcode which you scan as you finish each race. This records your times so each week so you can have fun or improve on your own time. It’s not a race against others but rather a self improvement fun family run or walk where various ages can enter. The launch of the first parkrun was held in conjunction with St Francis Sport and Friends of St Francis Fire and Rescue. It was one of the main attractions for this year’s Kouga Winter Fest. More photos to be added later, today. (Check back).

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