Two marooned anglers rescued by NSRI Port Alfred

Two anglers marooned on a rock at high tide were rescued by NSRI Port Alfred volunteers on Saturday, 25 May.

The anglers, who are from Despatch, were trapped by the high tide at Rugged Rocks, 5 km West of Port Alfred, and were completely cut off from the mainland.

According to Juan Pretorius, NSRI Port Alfred station commander,  the NSRI duty crew received a request for assistance from two men, aged 35 and 40, at Rugged Rocks, 5 km West of Port Alfred.

“The  anglers reached the rock easily at low tide to go fishing there. With the Spring Tide – high tide they had been cut off from land.”

The crew responded by road as the rocky terrain ruled out a boat rescue. On arrival near the scene, NSRI rescue swimmers, Keryn van der Walt, Stephen Slade and Darryl Olivier, swam to the rock where they found the fishermen to be safe.

“A rope and pulley system was rigged and the men were secured into life-jackets and then swum ashore one by one under guidance and assistance from NSRI rescue swimmers.  Once safely ashore they required no further assistance and retrieved their fishing gear at low tide.”

The NSRI says this serves as a reminder that during the New Moon and again during the Full Moon, every month of the year, a Spring Tide occurs causing a higher than normal high tide, a lower than normal low tide and stronger than normal rip currents.


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