Car flies onto Main Beach St Francis Bay – photos

A car landed on St Francis Bay beach early this morning and no one at this stage seems to know how it got there.

photo of car ont he beach

Main Beach, St Francis Bay. The car went over the edge on the right, but was dragged to the spot on the far left, by the tow truck company. Photo: Liezl Clause

Coenraad Hamilton from Coastal Breakdown Services in Humansdorp says he got a call  from a bystander who saw the car on the beach at 2 am.  His company was not able to tow the car at that time because it was high tide.  “We were only able to tow the car at 9 am this morning,” he said. 

He says the car was water logged as the high tide waters had penetrated it. Fortunately the tide did not sweep the car away.

His tow team pulled the car along the beach to near the life saving building where there is an access path to the beach over the dune, so the car could be pulled up there. Coenraad said the car was a Renault Clio with an EC registration number.

wedding and car on beach 010

These two photos were taken shortly before the carr was taken off the beach. Photos: Bev Mortimer
These two photos were taken shortly before the car was taken off the beach. Photos: Bev Mortimer

It is is uncertain if if there were any passengers in the car but it is believed the driver was unhurt.  The car’s airbags were released.

Observers point out that the driver must have been driving at a great speed down Nevil Road and never saw the edge of the car park and the sea. There is no barrier at the edge where the car flew off into the air before dropping on the rocks and/or beach.

Alternatively, Coenrad says it is possible the driver parked his car at the edge of the car park without putting the handbrake on.

The local SAP personnel on duty were unaware of the incident this morning as was the Humansdorp Traffic department when St Francis Chronicle telephoned at 9.30 am to get more information. More details are awaited from traffic police tomorrow during working hours.

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