NSRI’s Easter safety tips

The NSRI says this month’s second Spring Tide peaked with the full moon on  26 March,

The effects of this Spring Tide will be felt around the coast from now until after this Easter weekend.

All bathers are urged to exercise caution in the surf because rip currents will be at their strongest until after Easter Weekend.

NSRI urge parents to ensure  children have responsible adult supervision around all water over the Easter Weekend including at swimming pools, dams, lakes, rivers, lagoons and even small pools of water.

Anyone launching any kind of boat or craft onto water must let a responsible person know the time that they are leaving, their exact route and their return time. Stick to the plan and let the responsible person know of your safe return. (If you are overdue then the responsible person should let rescue authorities know immediately).

Also wear your life-jacket at all times on water and carry safety equipment – Red Distress Flares, a Signaling Mirror, a waterproof Torch, a Referee Whistle, A Cellphone or Radio (in water tight sleeves) and know how to use your safety equipment.

Everyone living along the coast and everyone visiting the coast over Easter weekend should find out what their nearest direct sea rescue emergency number is (depending on where they are on the coast)  Find out what your nearest direct sea rescue emergency number is by visiting our website at http://www.nsri.org.za.

For St Francis area the numbers are: 082 990 5969;  042 294 0131

To report a sea rescue emergency call the NSRI sea rescue emergency numbers above  and call 10177 (National Ambulance and Rescue) and call 10111 (Police). In a sea rescue emergency seconds could mean the difference between life and death.

NSRI have rescue stations around the South African coastline and at some inland dams lie Hartebeespoort Dam.


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