Fixing St Francis Bay’s roads in progress

Work commenced this week to re-tar the bad areas on St Francis Drive damaged in last year’s floods.

Municipal road repairers started from the Port end of St Francis Drive. The section closest to the turn off to the Port is now complete and they are busy bricking either side of the drainage pipes installed last year.

Photos below show the  intersection of St Francis Drive and Ginger Joll

DSC05317 DSC05320

The bad section on the corner Ginger Joll has been half completed. Council has indicated the municipal road repairers will continue to work on Monday even though it is a public holiday.

Photo below shows the bad area before turn off to the Port


DSC05318 DSC05319

Photo above shows municipal workers bricking drainage pipes on the Port end of St Francis Drive

Once the intersection is finished the very bad area close to the Tarragona Rd will be re-tarred. After this they will move to the bend in Lyme Rd North.

“Considerable progress has been made this month for which we are grateful,” say Nigel Aitken, vice-chairman of the St Francis Bay Residents Association.


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