Body of six year-old St Francis boy found in bushes at 3 am

By Bev Mortimer

A six year-old boy was found in the bushes above Assisi Drive in St Francis Bay by a Sea Vista resident at around 3 am today (26 February).

His distraught mother and her sister  from the suburb of Sea Vista had to identify the body around 4 am.

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This prompted at least 50 women from Sea Vista to abandon their work and to toyi-toyi late morning in Kansies Road in front of the St Francis Bay police station.

“We have had enough of abuse against women and children!” they said.

“We demand to know who found the boy and what he was doing in the bushes at 3 am,” the women angrily chanted.

The boy was found by the resident along the short cut from the St Francis Bay Village area to the Sea Vista area. This is the same area where angry St Francis Bay residents took it upon themselves to cut  all the grass and bushes following the rape of several women in that area a couple of years ago.

The boy’s body had a single stab wound to the neck and preliminary investigation indicate no physical abuse or sexual assault, Warrant Officer, Basil Seekoei of SAP Uitenhage, said this afternoon.

The boy’s name cannot be divulged before the next of kin are informed. Nor can the name of the finder of the body be revealed, Seekoei said. “It’s been alleged  the boy had a stab wound on the neck.  A formal post-mortem will be held soon.”

Sea Vista women said they were angry as they believe not enough was done to find the missing boy. “No members of the community were informed – we would have searched for him ourselves in that area , if we had known he was missing,” they said.

  “Also why did they not let all the security companies know as they would have sent their personnel to look for the boy whose body was found six hours after he was reported missing!” These sentiments of the Sea Vista women have been echoed by horrified residents of St Francis Bay itself who have expressed their outrage in comments on FB today.

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Seekoei said in a statement that the SAP “alerted all surrounding police stations, security companies and also visited the last address that the boy was found at last week.” But the owner of one of the main security companies in St Francis said their company was definitely not alerted about a missing boy.

Meanwhile a relative told St Francis Chronicle that the boy did not attend school yesterday. He was seen at a creche in Elf Street at about 2 pm.

At about 3 pm he and a friend were seen going to the beach. That was the last anyone saw of him. His grandmother became anxious when he had not returned by late evening and then reported the incident to the police station.

Although police did not reveal if they had any leads it is believed that at least one suspect has been questioned.

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